Venture Deals

This course will demystify venture capital deals and give both first-time and experienced entrepreneurs a definitive guide to secure funding. Celebrated venture capitalists Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson, partners at the Foundry Group and authors of Venture Deals reveal the secrets behind how venture financings really work. Interviewed by serial entrepreneur and Stanford adjunct professor Clint Korver, they explain in plain language, and often humorous terms, the sometimes confusing elements of venture deals, detailing what’s critical and what’s not. Entrepreneurs will learn the best strategies for getting a fair deal, from both their lawyer and the venture capitalists.

Startup CEO

Improve your management and leadership skills quickly, let experienced startup founders guide you to being a successful first-time CEO. In addition to explaining the most critical responsibilities of a startup CEO, Matt Blumberg, Founder/CEO of Return Path and author of Startup CEO and Clint Korver, successful serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and Stanford University adjunct professor, will provide you with an operating system that will help increase the chances of your startup’s success, while saving you time and reducing stress.

Raising Startup Capital

Learn from Experienced Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and Investors. If you want to raise funding for your startup, you probably already know there is more to it than creating an impressive investment pitch deck. In this course, you learn from experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors. Instructors Jenny Rooke, former Senior Program Officer at the Gates Foundation and Clint Korver, serial entrepreneur and Stanford adjunct professor teach you how to manage the fundraising process—from identifying potential investors, to making your investment pitch, to driving a funding to closure.

Mini MBA: Unlocking The Ivory Tower

This course helps teams and individuals utilize management research in core business fields to become more effective managers. The premise is that management is a discipline that can be learned from study, and that a diverse set of academic research has practical and actionable implications for how to manage in a modern organization. The lecture material is based on the book by Oracle’s Senior VP of Finance, Eric Ball, and Joe LiPuma, Director of the International MBA program at EM-Lyon Business School in France, Unlocking the Ivory Tower: How Management Research Can Transform Your Business.

Venture Capital 101

If you want to learn how to be a successful venture capitalist or how to raise venture capital for your startup, you’ll want to know how a venture capitalist thinks and makes investment decisions. This online course on venture capital covers both the mechanics of venture capital investment and the important role investors play in shaping the culture of successful startups. Venture Capital 101 is based on the most respected private training program for aspiring venture capitalists, the Kauffman Fellows Program and taught by experienced instructors in capital formation.

Startup Pitch

The Startup Pitch course is the most complete reference source for pitch skills used in today’s startup world. You will learn the proven formula for a successful pitch based on case studies of pitches that worked. You will gain strategies to pitch persuasively from research in corporate communications. You will also gather insights on slide development and delivery. Taught by the author of Startup Pitch and Stanford Business School communications coach Chris Lipp, the course is designed to improve your pitch and win funding faster.