Kauffman Fellows Academy offers courses on two different online educational platforms designed to meet the varied needs and busy lives of students. Both sites offer the same lectures and course material, one is team based and follows a more traditional course schedule, the other is self-paced and can be taken anytime.

NovoEd logoNovoEd

All seven KFA entrepreneurship courses can be found on NovoEd the innovative team based learning platform. This unique platform provides students with the opportunity to network and collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs around the world. The courses are offered on specific dates and divided into weekly lectures and assignments. The assignments are a mix of team and individual projects. There is meaningful and invigorating collaboration among students in discussion forums during the course. Instructors and celebrated entrepreneurs often host Google hangouts with students and all are invited to participate.


KFA currently offers four courses on Udemy which is designed as a self-paced learning site. Students can view the lectures and do the assignments on their own time, whenever they choose. There are no team based projects. Discussions among students are encouraged but not expected, and Google hangouts are held periodically. The platform is designed more for busy professionals who want to learn material, but don’t have time to interact with fellow students.

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