Kauffman Fellow Report: Volume 2

Retrospective on the Mission of the Kauffman Fellows Program

This monograph looks back to the origins of the Kauffman Fellows Program, reviewing the early goals for Fellows, and examines the current activity of the Society of Kauffman Fellows in light of those early ambitions.

China’s National Energy Plan and Investment Considerations

China’s energy markets offer great potential for Western investors but can be tricky to navigate successfully. The authors share key themes from their 35+ meetings in Beijing and Shanghai gathering key considerations and best practices, and discuss the implications for non-Chinese cleantech companies and investors.

Venture Capital 2011: How the Past Informs the Future…Today

The economy is quite different today than it was in 1994 when the first Kauffman Fellows entered the Program. This article examines today’s challenges – as well as opportunities – with a historical lens and discusses possibilities for the coming decade.

Confessions of a Reluctant Impact Investor

Can one be an impact investor without being aware of it? The author introduces the Impact Investors Special Interest Group of the Society of Kauffman Fellows, with 54 members from 11 classes. The article shares SIG members’ reflections on the impact investing space and on hybrid impact-mainstream investments.

Latest Kauffman Fellow Launches New Fund, Headquartered in West Bank

This press release-style article shares the story of Sadara Ventures—the first VC fund targeting Palestinian tech companies—which raised capital from the European Investment Bank, Google, Cisco, Skoll, Soros, and Case. Now open in Ramallah and investing in IT startups.

Always a Teacher at Heart: Positioning to Follow Your Passion

With a career spanning engineer/manager, venture investor, and now public education, this author shares why and how he made these transitions. Learning to manage risk and ambiguity were key to his ability to position himself to follow his passion for education.

LPs and the Venture Capital Asset Class: A Candid Conversation

Tamera Elias, Class 13 Reprinted from the Winter 2010–2011 issue of the Venture Capital Review. In the summer of 2008, I began a two-year Kauffman Fellowship with the Center for Venture Education. This Program enrolls about 25 individuals near the beginnings of their venture capital careers and, on a quarterly basis, immerses them for three […]

Exponential Technologies Across Health Care

The author examines several exponential technology trends in health care and considers how “faster,” “smaller,” ”cheaper,” and in some cases “better” technologies–particularly at their convergence – are and will be changing health care and creating potential for new, highyield investment opportunities.

A Unique Window to Innovation for Large Enterprises: The SAP Venture Fellows Program

This article presents the SAP Ventures Fellows Program, founded in 2007 to foster collaboration between SAP Ventures and SAP employees and to promote interaction with the venture capital and startup community, thus helping to keep innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit at SAP strong.

Chinnovation: Unraveling the Dynamics of Chinese Innovation

The growth of China’s entrepreneur class and their success is widely attributed to Chinese entrepreneurs’ knowledge of the domestic market, quick adaptation to market changes, and resourcefulness. But what are the real secrets? This article offers insights into the questions about China that naturally arise for Westerners.

Jumping Into the River

Since his days as a Fellow, this author has founded a tech company, made an award-winning documentary film, and worked with exconvicts teaching them how to get and keep a legitimate job. Here, he shares the philosophy of life that led him down these vastly different paths and his unique road to passion and purpose.