Kauffman Fellow Report: Volume 7

Forget “Superpowers”: Three Traits for Extraordinary Success in Venture Capital

The author reflects on his 20-year journey with KF and shares his own take on the “secret sauce” that leads to outsized successes—and it’s no superpower. As he describes, Kauffman Fellows has accelerated impact by cultivating the 3 traits that make exceptional VC leaders.

Disrupting Healthcare: No Experience Needed

VCs often turn away healthcare startups because of the truism that the founder must have healthcare experience in order to succeed—but is their assumption accurate? The author shares the surprising results of his research into this question, and the implications for healthcare innovation.

The Future of VC in Spain: Time for a Track Record

Spain’s venture capital industry has seen rapid growth in recent years with public and private investors playing a key role. To encourage more private funding, the author maps the LP landscape in Spain, reviews recent positive exits, and describes the rising stars of Spain’s tech industry.

Amending the First Commandment of the Capitalist World: A Call to Action

Business leaders are urged to pursue an updated “first commandment of capitalism”: to maximize welfare for all of the corporation’s stakeholders, including the community and the environment. The author shares case studies demonstrating that this updated commandment can be pursued at the individual or organization levels.

Midcontinent Venture Capital—Growing in Leaps and Bounds

The middle of the United States is an up-and-coming venture capital market that has experienced steady growth in recent years. The authors share how growth has centered around states and cities that have developed engaged communities with a strong support system for startups.

High-Tech Exceptionalism: From the Front Lines

Traditional strategic-analysis models have not been able to successfully handle the exceptional nature of high-tech markets. Drawing on his 20 years as an engineer, investor, and strategist, the author shares a 4-phase framework for high-tech strategy that plans for and even thrives on technological shifts.

Supporting an Innovation Mindset Among Estonian Youth: An “Entrepreneurs in Schools” Pilot Project

Estonians have been slow to take advantage of the country’s ideal climate for innovation—as in many countries with lingering cultural barriers to entrepreneurship. The author shares a simple yet impressively effective program to change those attitudes among young people through school visits by local entrepreneurs.

The Rising Tide: A “Learning-By-Investing” Initiative to Bridge the Gender Gap

The author outlines why angel investing can increase participation of women as investors and entrepreneurs. As part of the Rising Tide team, she helped create a simple, scalable, and global “learn by investing” fund model to educate women into becoming new angels and fund leads.