KFR Volume 6 Hard Copy – Follow-up Survey

This is our a second (and final) survey on the value of the hard copy, to hear back from you about how you actually did use (or not use) your hard copies of Volume 6. Your response will help us ensure that we provide hard copies of Volume 7 to those who value them—and that we do not send hard copies to those who prefer electronic versions only.

Please fill out this short, 5-question survey. It should only take a minute or two. We need your input to provide the best and most appropriate benefits to the Society. (If you are NOT a fan of the hard copy, this is your chance to stand up and be heard. Fill out the survey!)

We need to know who you are, because we’ll be mapping responses against variables like geography and sector, which will help us understand the usefulness of the hard copies. We also need to be able to send you (or not send you) Volume 7 exactly as you request here.

Please wait...

Need additional copies of Volume 6? Please email us; we will gladly send as many as you need.