Our Fellows Embody
Our Mission

And they carry it across the globe.

Our Mission

Since our inception, we have known that to solve the world’s challenges, we need to see them through a diverse set of perspectives across every gender, ethnicity, sector, stage, and geography.

We connect those perspectives to purpose, purpose to capital, and capital to ideas so businesses can grow, new innovation can be born, and communities all over the world can thrive.

We approach every idea and interaction with the  same values.

Propel diverse perspectives

We're on a mission to create a more equitable venture ecosystem. We recruit perspectives from every gender, ethnicity, sector, stage, and geography, and we're relentless in providing each Fellow access to opportunities, relationships, connections, capital, and career advancement.

Change mindsets and behaviors

We not only promote a culture of inclusion and seek out diversity of all types but also push this agenda of inclusive prosperity in our work with ecosystem stakeholders — from LPs to entrepreneurs.

Be of service to others

We push Fellows to identify within themselves some key questions: How do you show up as investor? How do you bring your authentic self to what you do? What is your “why” and who are you in service of? When your desire for success is grounded in service, it brings about creativity and tenacity that every industry is in need of.

Where Purpose Gathers

Innovation is the key to a future that solves our world’s most pressing challenges, but the future is not technology, or products, or services.

The future is human. It’s the decisions and actions of the investors fueling and funding companies taking innovation a level higher — and the leaders guiding them — that are going to shape our next generation. Those decision makers have become an invaluable asset — one that we hold ourselves accountable to nurture, educate, support, and accelerate. That’s where we find our purpose.

That's where we find our purpose.

We scan the globe to find its most ambitious minds, each bringing with them a world of experience, a diverse perspective, and a motivation to drive true change.

Through a tailored curriculum focused on emotional intelligence, peer mentoring, and executive coaching, we create a space where they become the best version of themselves, so they can invest in the best version of our world.

Kauffman Fellows is where we gather.