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Audrey MacLean

Angel Investor

Audrey MacLean

Audrey MacLean was a founder of Network Equipment Technologies, which went public in 1987, and later co-founded and was CEO of Adaptive, which merged with NET in 1993. The companies Audrey has seed funded which have gone public include: Pure Software, Pete’s Brewing Company, AdForce, dsl.net, and Selectica. Successful acquisitions have included: Avidia/PairGain, Firefly/Microsoft, Internet Middleware/Network Appliance, Amplitude/Critical Path and specialty MD/Chemdex. Other start-up portfolio companies include: Achieva, Applied Discovery, AutoDaq, Case Central, eVoice, FOB, Blue Leaf Networks, KnowNow, NapaStyle, Radiance Technologies, Schoolpop, and WetFeet.

MacLean is also an affiliate in a number of first tier Venture Funds. In her teaching capacity at Stanford, she is the lead professor for the Technology Venture Formation course in the Stanford Technology Venture Program in the School of Engineering. She is also a contributor to the annual STVP roundtable of university leaders from top technical institutions nationwide which examines issues surrounding the imperative for enrepreneurship education for 21st-century engineers.

MacLean actively works to support the development of entrepreneurial studies nationwide through her role as a board member of the Kauffman Foundation’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.