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Fernando Fabre

Endeavor Global

In 2011 Fernando assumed the role of president of Endeavor Global. Endeavor selects, mentors, and accelerates the best high-impact entrepreneurs in 11 countries around the world. Before this, Fernando is the Managing Director of Endeavor Mexico for 7 years and a part-time faculty professor of entrepreneurship at Anahuac University, southern campus for over a decade. For 8 years he participated as co-teacher in the class Strategic Risk Management in Emerging Economies, a joint class between Claremont Graduate University and Anahuac del Sur, along with Dr. Richard Smith. In 2002 both professors were appointed by the Partnership for Prosperity Program in conjunction with the Mexican government to develop a set of guidelines to build an entrepreneurial culture in Mexico.

He currently serves on the board of the National Committee of Innovation which oversees a US$5 billion budget of the Mexican government on innovation; and on the board of directors of Lumni Inc, a leading student lending program.

In 2003 the magazine Lideres Mexicanos called him a "Leader of the Future"; in 2005 the magazine Fortuna called him the "top entrepreneur supporter in Mexico"; and in 2007 the magazine Expansion called him one of the "30 under 30" Mexican leaders.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

He holds a Master's degree in economics from Claremont Graduate University in California and an MBA and BA in Managerial Economics from Universidad Anahuac del Sur.

Fernando is a member of Class 14 and performed his fellowship at Endeavor Mexico. As President of Endeavor Global, he has mentored numerous Fellows: Joanna Harries (Class 17), Tarek Sadi (Class 17), Catherine Townshend (Class 18), Sati Rasuanto (Class 18), and Baily Kempner (Class 18).