Blog: Kauffman Fellows Review

The Kauffman Fellows Review shares blog posts and content relating to the science of capital formation, from a variety of Fellows and industry experts across the globe. Email us to submit an article or propose a topic. While we do not require academic-quality citations for the KF Review, we do expect you to provide links to sources of statistics or other significant claims.

Journal: Kauffman Fellows Report

All journal articles receive thorough editing from our co-founding managing editor, Anna F. Doherty; our expert editors help authors with development, organization, copyediting, and proofreading. Interested authors should read these guidelines carefully, particularly our high citation standards which are unusual in business publishing. Browse our previous publications for a sense of our focus, but remember that those publications were polished over time with significant assistance from our editors.

Content guidelines for the Kauffman Fellows Report are as follows:

Begin with a “hook” to grab reader interest, in the form of a personal narrative or particular case study, so that the paper reads more like a narrative story, with the science and facts built into that story. Return to the “hook” in your conclusion.
Include yourself in the paper, so that the reader gains a sense of who you are and experiences your clarity and efficiency as you investigated your particular area of interest.
Ground the ideas or concepts in real-life examples (case studies, composites, or personal experience), so the reader can see how your ideas manifest in reality.
Answer the “so what?” question for 5-10 years down the road. Why should the reader care about your findings, what impact will this new knowledge have in 5-10 years, and what are the benefits?
Submission guidelines for the Kauffman Fellows Report are as follows:

Most articles are about 2500 words, but any length between 500 and 3700 words is fine.
Follow the submission guidelines and requirements for illustrations (tables, graphs, charts, etc.).
Adhere to our strict citation standards, as described in the Journal Style Guide.