We produce 1-2 books each year from the Kauffman Fellows community. The Kauffman Fellows Program is structured as a laboratory and each class produces original field projects, ranging from venture funds in the West Bank of the Palestinian Territories to technology incubators in Nigeria to impact funds in the United States; these projects often inspire book ideas.

We hope that you'll recognize the quality and commitment of our people, as well as the innovative ideas that spring from their efforts.

Eric Ball, PhD & Joseph A. LiPuma, DBA

Unlocking the Ivory Tower: How Management Research Can Transform Your Business

This book gathers groundbreaking research from recognized management experts to help you reinvent your company today. Learn the fundamental principles of setting strategy, innovating, creating competitive advantage, motivating employees, leading through crisis, and going global.

Bob Zukis

Social Inc.: Why Business Is the Next Social Opportunity Worth Trillions

Today’s social technology is unleashing an intellectual- and productivity-driven revival that is changing the world in fascinating and unpredictable ways. SOCIAL INC. explains this emerging business-led renaissance and delivers the future of business brought by social technology.