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Scott Chou

Employee Stock Option Fund

Scott Chou has been in the venture capital industry since 1997 and has been recognized in the AlwaysOn Top 100 VC List. He is known for his focus on disruptive technologies and for authoring Maxims, Morals, and Metaphors - A Primer on Venture Capital.

Scott's passion for early-stage technology ventures extends back to high school when he joined his first startup as a software engineer. He has since worked for five more technology ventures including Poqet Computer and ICE, in addition to world-renowned research and development organizations such as Bellcore and IBM. His broad expertise in technology spans the industry from manufacturing to software development to chip design.

Scott completed the Kauffman Fellows Program in 1999 with Onset Ventures. He later joined Gabriel Venture Partners where he focused on research labs for fundamental innovations. His first investment at Gabriel was in the seed round of NextG Networks which eventually sold to Crown Castle for $1 billion. While at Gabriel, Scott also founded the Employee Stock Option Fund to capitalize on special situations.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Scott earned a BS in electrical engineering, with Honors, from the California Institute of Technology, an MS degree in engineering from Stanford University and an MS in computer science from Harvard University.

Scott is an avid fan of college football and motorcycles. A perfect day would be riding to a tailgate with friends

Scott spent his fellowship at CID Equity Partners and at ONSET under mentors Kevin Sheehan and Darlene Mann as a member of Class 3.