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Karim Elsahy


Karim Elsahy is a winning serial entrepreneur with a current emphasis on with a current emphasis on bots, machine learning, and ai. He founded Elves in 2016, a mobile app that connects the user to a personal concierge who can help find, book, buy, and deliver things. He is also Founder and CEO of Konnecti, a matchmaker for local businesses based on their mutual business and growth opportunities.

Karim has started and led several successful companies; the first of which, founded in his early twenties, reached more than $1 million in revenue in its first year of operation and currently employee's more than 250 people with offices globally. More recently Karim founded Genius Ventures (Genius.VC), a VC firm which was itself also acquired (Sawari Ventures).

Karim frequently consults with Fortune 500 companies, well-known business and political leaders, and many VC-backed tech companies. Karim has served as an expat on advisory boards to the Egyptian Ministry of Communication, focusing on how to expand and brand Egypt as an outsourcing destination, and has traveled with several Egyptian Ministers on trade mission to other counties.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

With a Master's in architecture, Karim initially started his career as an architect and designer for a firm in Boston that specialized in Iraqi reconstruction. That was combined with political writings in several top publications with interviews ranging from Noam Chomsky to the Egyptian Ministerial Cabinet in addition to being a frequent guest political analyst for BBC radio; Karim has serious political passion.

Karim is married to Abeer, whom he still considers his college sweetheart, and has two crazy Bohemianesque boys. They divide their time between Boston and Cairo.

As a member of Class 18, Karim served his fellowship at Sawari Ventures with the mentorship of its Chairman Ahmed El Alfi and Dave McClure of 500 Startups.