May 16, 2024
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Welcoming Our Newest Cohort of Fellows, KF29

We are thrilled to welcome the newest members of Class 29 joining the Kauffman Fellows, the largest network of VCs in the world. Class 29 is a mix of emerging and established venture capital managers representing 15 countries and includes GPs, partners, and principals, as well as LPs, CVCs, and other key ecosystem contributors. 

  • $80B combined AUM
  • 15 countries represented 
  • 72% hold partner-level or higher positions
  • 86% are direct venture capital investors
  • 43% are founders of their firms
  • 50% are from emerging firms (Funds I-III); 50% are from established firms (Funds IV+)
  • Median AUM ranges from $51M for Fund I to $1.3B for Funds IV+

Each year, we select the most talented, diverse, and purpose-driven venture capital professionals rising in their careers to join our Fellowship. This year was extremely competitive – from over 2,000 inquiries and 1,100 applications, we selected the 59 members of Class 29 based on their experience, contributions, and potential to lead the future of the venture capital industry. 

Throughout the two-year program, Class 29 will receive comprehensive support in three key areas:

  • The Pursuit of Purpose: Fellows are encouraged to allocate their capital, time, experience, and effort to world-changing initiatives that aim to transform industries, cities, and countries. 
  • The Pursuit to Lead: The program equips Fellows with the skills to help entrepreneurs and partners thrive, focusing on effective board membership, coaching, mastering feedback loops, and fostering a strong and unique company culture.
  • The Pursuit of Expertise: Fellows are supported in their quest to shape the best practices for the future of the venture capital industry, driving innovation and setting new standards of excellence.

Beyond the two-year program, Class 29 will benefit from joining a network of 882 Fellows from 58 countries, offering ongoing education, co-investment opportunities, special interest groups, and regional and global events. 

Since 1995, the Kauffman Fellowship has accelerated the development and success of venture capital investors around the world. We believe that venture capital is one of the most powerful tools for economic development and prosperity. We also believe that being a great venture capital investor requires skills and discipline that come with practice, mentoring, education, and effort. Our mission is to ensure our Fellows, through our education programs and network, acquire and create new skills rooted in venture capital excellence and use those skills to lead meaningful positive change.  

Meet all members of Class 29 by viewing the bio book here.