February 12, 2024
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LA Module Recap

Earlier this month, we kicked off our Module in LA with Class 27, Class 28, and others from the network. Fellows continue sharing deals, co-investing, challenging each other, and achieving new levels of growth while taking in a range of discussions led by LA’s leading giants in venture.

While Class 27 focused on personal brand and scaling a firm’s brand globally, Class 28’s module was centered around investment thesis and deal flow. To help drive home each of these areas, we are joined by a roster of incredible discussion leaders, including William Hsu (Mucker Capital), Anna Barber (M13), Mark Suster (Upfront Ventures),Dana Settle (Greycroft Ventures), Sophia Amoruso (TrustFund), and Mark Mullen (Bonfire VC), among others. See below to check out the full line-up!

Seeing, Picking, & Winning the Deal with Class 28

Personal Branding, Lived Experiences, & Distinctive Investment Theses

Austin Clements (KF25) of Slauson & Co and Minnie Ingersoll of TenOneTen Ventures started the day by sharing how they've made authenticity and self-reflection the foundation of their investment theses, portfolio construction, and deal selection.

Back to the Future: Selecting Deals in Today's Technology Landscape

David Lee of Samsung Electronics and Nick Kim (KF28) of Upfront Ventures dove into the nuanced process of evaluating emerging technologies, addressing how embracing a back-to-basics approach is the linchpin that helps us stay close to the best builders and founders.

Winning the Deal: Strategies & Stories from Class 28

Sarah Liu (Fifth Wall), John Ailanjian (Next Legacy), Anna Palmer (Flybridge), and Olivier Tonneau (Quantonation) of KF28 candidly shared insights into their toughest deals, including the nitty-gritty of dealmaking, covering everything from handling tough negotiations to breaking into challenging opportunities.

The Art & Science of Portfolio Construction

Bonfire Ventures's Mark Mullen shared his method of sourcing and winning deals, aligning investment strategies with ever-changing market dynamics, managing expectations within a strategic framework, and ensuring adaptability to the evolving landscape.

Portfolio Construction

Clint Korver (KF14) presented a framework for thinking about managing risk and return in a power law world, including how Ulu Ventures uses the framework to make different portfolio construction choices than most in the industry.

Winning Deals... Over the Long Run

Brett Brewer shared the distinctive strategies that set Crosscut Ventures apart in winning competitive deals, including building lasting connections, identifying HIPO opportunities, and navigating the early-stage landscape.

Fund I: Building a Thesis to Win Over Coinbase, Palantir, Zoom, Twitter, & More

To wrap up the day, Phil Wickham (KF1) offered a unique perspective on building a winning investment thesis as he shared the lessons he's learned at Sozo Ventures.

Cross-Class Network Day

Venture Vibes in Tinseltown: Overview of LA Scene

The day began with a captivating history and evolution of LA's tech and venture scene. From pioneers to current trailblazers, Mike Palank of MaC Venture Capital highlighted those who crafted LA's vibrant ecosystem and the distinctive qualities that define LA as a powerhouse for innovation.Building a VC firm is a full-contact sport!

Building a Venture Capital Firm Post-ZIRP & at the Dawn of AI

Thanks to Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures for sharing what it truly takes to raise capital, manage a team, manage funds, and resist the pressures to pivot to every hot trend that the industry chases.How do we decide where to invest our time, energy, and resources?

Better Decision Making Workshop

In an interactive workshop, Nicolas Sauvage (KF28) of TDK Ventures helped us identify and understand the risks/constraints in our decision-making processes that keep us from becoming stronger investors and leaders.

Decoding the Essence of a Data-Driven Venture Fund Manager

What does it mean to be “data-driven” in venture portfolio management and planning? Anubhav Srivastava of Tactyc dove into fund forecasting, scenario analysis, optimizing reserves based on objective metrics, and tracking KPIs.

Building A Digital Campfire: Transform Your Online Presence Into Rocket Fuel to Drive Your Business

Sarah Wilson, a journalist-turned-social-marketer who works with brands like Nike, YouTube, and Bumble, taught how Fellows can step up their personal and firm's digital presences in ways that are both authentic and sustainable.

FGC: Help! My firm partnership is in transition. How to navigate critical topics with your LPs

Navigating a firm partnership transition can be challenging! Led by Matt Auxier (KF27, University of Chicago) and John Ailanjian (KF28, Next Legacy Partners), this session featured firsthand stories and lessons from GPs and LPs who successfully managed transitions this year.

FGC: Using AI as a Tool to Service & Select Portfolio Companies

Ben Parr (Octane AI), Ashish Aggarwal (KF24, Chamaeleon), and Yao Meng (KF26, Smash Capital) led a dynamic conversation about the role of AI tools in venture capital. Hearing the many perspectives and experiences on leveraging AI to optimize services and drive strategic decisions was powerful.

FGC: Emerging Manager's SIG: Recruiting and Building Your Team

Building a strong, complementary team is critical yet challenging, especially for emerging managers. Ernestine Fu (KF17) of Brave Capital shared how to identify, attract, hire, and retain top talent in the industry.

FGC: How to Build an Advisory Network or Network Service that Helps Your Firm & Portfolio

Advisory boards can help your portfolio's strategic, product, and sales development. But how do you build an advisory board? What are the best practices? How can advisors help in fundraising? Austin Arensberg (KF25) of Okta answered these questions and more!

A Career in Innovation with Class 27

Mastering Risk: A Personal Journey in Early Stage Investing

Anna Barber of M13 explored three key risk vectors — existential, execution, and pricing — and helped KF27 identify their personal risk profiles and strategies for mitigating each type in portfolio construction.

A Solo GP's Special Sauce: Fireside Chat with Dustin Rosen

From building and selling Pose to the nuances of launching and growing Wonder Ventures as a solo GP, Dustin Rosen shared his journey with Matt Auxier (KF27), diving into fund design, team dynamics, building an LP base, and the unique challenges faced by solo GPs.

Founder to Funder: Building Personal Brand in VC

Serial entrepreneur and VC Brian Lee joined Maurice Maschmeyer (KF25) to divulge the challenges and synergies of simultaneously founding startups while managing BAM Ventures. Brian also shared how his distinctive personal brand was one of the keys to his success at LegalZoom, Honest Company, ShoeDazzle, and more.

Marketing Strategy & Branding for VC Funds

William Hsu, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Mucker Capital, went all in sharing how he strategically thinks about his firm and marketing.

Personal Deal Contributions & Marco Trends with Dana Settle & Marlon Nichols

In a fireside chat led by Marlon C. Nichols (KF18, MaC Venture Capital), Dana Settle shared about personal deal contributions, her impact at Greycroft Partners, and leveraging individuals' superpowers to build successful teams in the ever-evolving venture capital landscape.

Unconventional: Building A Brand For Your Firm that Sticks

From founding Nasty Gal and raising multiple rounds of financing to launching her new venture fund, Trust Fund, Sophia Amoruso revealed her secrets to a building firm brand that attracts deal flow, amplifies your companies, and drives successful fundraising.