Diversity and Inclusion in Venture Capital and Tech Is about More than Workplace Behavior, Ethics, and Fairness.

We are committed to increasing the number of diverse voices into positions that will influence the technology that will shape our lives.

Lack of Diversity and Who Gets Funded
  • 0
    Black and Hispanic partners at US venture capital firms
  • 0
    Venture capital that went to Hispanic and African American founders
  • 0
    Female partners at US venture capital firms
  • 0
    Average number of female partners per top 100 fund
  • 0
    Female founded startups raise capital vs. 50% of men
  • 0
    Total female investing partners

Kauffman Fellows—Taking Action Since 2009

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion:

  • • $3,400,000 in scholarships since 2009
  • • $400,000 expected for class 23
  • • $4,000,000 total

Too Big a Problem to Solve Alone. Too Important to Wait.

The goal of our Kauffman Fellows Diversity Scholarship is to increase the number of women and underrepresented minorities in senior investing roles.

We are seeking partners to join us in this endeavor today.