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Andrew Goldner


Andrew is a Founding Partner at GrowthX where he helps lead the fund, identify investment opportunities, and craft and guide the overall vision, keeping everyone pointed toward a common North Star. His background as founder, funder, operator, advisor, and technology attorney in the United States and Asia Pacific allows him to help entrepreneurs and companies from inception through exit.

GrowthX focuses on the importance of market development more so than product development, allowing Andrew to evaluate opportunities across all industries and sectors. He is a mentor at Dynamo (a Chattanooga-based accelerator focused on the logistics industry to change the face of supply chain management); a mentor at Matter (a San Francisco- and New York City-based accelerator looking for early-stage media ventures with the potential to make society more informed, connected, and empowered); and an advisor at Quibb, a media startup working to make industry news social without being overwhelming.

After finishing law school, Andrew spent 7 years in private and corporate law positions, which led him to a 7-year career at Thompson Reuters, where he was Senior Counsel for two years and then moved into global news strategy, business development, and commercial strategy. As a member of the global News Leadership Team and then Managing Director, he spent several years in Hong Kong to develop the firm’s Asia Pacific products and markets, and managed editorial, sales, and product teams in India, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Australia, and UAE.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Andrew is a graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center, where he was awarded the Saint Thomas More Award for Excellence in the Area of Legal Ethics. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a focus on finance and international business from the University of Cincinnati.

Andrew is blessed with an extraordinary partner in life, his wife, Caryn, and they are the proud parents of two wonderful daughters, Ava and Lily.

As a member of Class 21, Andrew served his fellowship at GrowthX; his mentor was Carlos Ramon of COMPAS Advisory.