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Charlie Petty

Adjuvant Capital

Charlie is a co-founder of Adjuvant Capital, a new healthcare and life sciences investment firm focused on public health. Charlie led the firm's investment in Codagenix, where serves on the board.

Charlie helped form Adjuvant Capital in 2018 with colleagues from the Global Health Investment Fund (GHIF), a private investment fund created by JP Morgan and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to invest in the research and development of life sciences technologies aimed at addressing the highest-burden public health issues. At GHIF, he helped oversee the fund’s investments in Eubiologics (KOSDAQ: 206650), IanTech (acquired by Zeiss), and Alydia Health.

Before joining GHIF, Charlie was with Artemis Capital Partners, where he made private equity investments in healthcare and industrial technology companies. Previously, he lived in Haiti and worked at the country’s largest microfinance bank, Sevis Finansye Fonkoze, where he led financial and operational analysis efforts.

Charlie remains active in Haiti and serves on the boards of Sevis Finansye Fonkoze and Fonkoze USA. Charlie is also an advisor to New Incentives, a Nigerian non-profit organization that uses conditional cash transfers to encourage infant vaccinations.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Charlie is a graduate of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

Charlie and his wife are erstwhile Bostonians who now reside in the Boerum Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn.