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Mohammed Almeshekah

Outliers VC

Mohammed is the founding partner of Outliers VC, a venture capital firm that invests across MENA and the US. He is also on the advisory boards of a number of companies across the two regions. Prior to founding Outliers, Mohammed was an angel investor in a number of startups including NoonAcademy, SandboxVR, Breadfast and Misfit Markets and others. Previously, Mohammed advised a number of public organizations in Saudi on the topics of technology, cybersecurity and digital transformation. Most notably he was advising the Saudi’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and served as the deputy minister of planing and development. He has also led the cybersecurity steering committee to standardize cybersecurity in the telecom sector.

Mohammed is a technologist, cybersecurity aficionado and a founder who later turned into a venture capital investor. As an ex-Software Engineer, he worked on improving the security of two of the most widely used browsers; Chrome and Firefox working at Google and Mozilla, respectively. After that, he founded Trusted Security, a cybersecurity startup, that he later exited.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Mohammed has studied and worked in three continents during the previous decade. He obtained a PhD in Computer Science from Purdue University in the US; a master’s in Information Security from University of London in the UK; and a B’s degree in Computer Science from King Saud University in KSA. During his scientific endeavor, he earned the prestigious “Outstanding Scientific Award” at the 31st Annual Computer Security Application Conference ACSAC’15.

When not working, Mohammed enjoys spending time with his family and two sons.