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Walid Bakr

Ripples Impact

Walid is a Managing Partner at Ripples Impact in Egypt. He is part of the 2017 class of Eisenhower Fellows.

Previously, Walid was a principal with Riyada Enterprise Development, the growth equity investment platform of the Abraaj Capital Group, the Middle East’s leading PE firm. Based in Cairo, Egypt and reporting to the Chief Investment Officer, Walid was responsible for sourcing, evaluating, and structuring investment transactions. He also led portfolio management and pursued value creation plans to ultimately structure favorable exits.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Walid is a graduate of Alexandria University’s School of Engineering (in Alexandria, Egypt). He holds a Bachelor's degree, with top honors, with a major in communications engineering.

A member of Class 16, Walid served his fellowship at Abraaj Capital under the mentorship of Senior Partner Tom Speechley. He now serves as mentor to Ambar Amleh (Class 23).