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Roman Knyazev


Roman Knyazev is a senior investment manager for RUSNANO, a Russian venture capital fund based in Moscow, Russia with $10B USD in capital. RUSNANO's mission is to develop the Russian nanotechnology industry through co-investment in nanotechnology projects with substantial economic potential or social benefit.

Roman specializes in the healthcare investment division. In this role, he actively participates in the origination process, performs due diligence, negotiates deal terms, and leads the project to liquidity in the future. Roman serves as a board member in the projects he leads.

Roman has a strong specialization in the healthcare industry. A distinguishing feature of RUSNANO is the nano investment mandate of all its investments. It could be pharm, medical devices, stem cells, etc., which contain any nano companies focused on infrastructure and energy savings through efficient system management.

Roman has strong relations with key Russian pharm-players. He also is in the position of developing networks in both the USA and Europe. All Roman's projects are structured in multi-nationally.

Before RUSNANO, Roman worked for a Big4 company and for a Russian pharm wholesale and pharmacy chain-holding company.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Roman is a graduate of Moscow State University. He holds a Bachelor's degree in economics.

A member of Class 17, Roman served his fellowship at RUSNANO under the mentorship of Oleg Kiselev. Oleg is deputy CEO of RUSNANO and previously headed Russia's largest investment bank.