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Sultan Fahd Salman

Eirad Group

Sultan has been the Executive Chairman of Eirad Group, a family office, for the past eight years. Sultan made the switch from the public to the private sector after joining Eirad Group in 2008. Prior to joining officially, he spent a period of time as a trusted advisor using his experience in organizational strategy to evolve the firm's approach and expand its reach.

Sultan is the Chairman of the Saudi Arabian Water Sports & Diving Federation, the federation that regulates water sport and diving activities in Saudi Arabia, since 2019. He plans to continue in this role, as he is deeply passionate about contributing to the future of Saudi Arabian growth in the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf. Sultan is a Board Member of many other foundations and charities, including the Kilana Foundation, which provides key support (including medication and dialysis) to those navigating kidney disease.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Sultan earned a bachelor's degree in International Business from Regent's College in London. He also successfully completed the MBA program at London Business School. Sultan believes post-graduate education is key to his success, and as such regularly attends executive education programs to refresh and increase his knowledge.

As a member of Class 26, Sultan is serving his fellowship at Eirad Group under the mentorship of Tariq Bin Hendi.