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Ashley Mayer

Coalition Operators

Ashley Mayer is a startup comms pro turned investor. She’s a co-founder and GP of Coalition Operators, where she backs early stage companies shaping the future of work, commerce and climate. Ashley is also on the Operating Council of Mixing Board, a collective of top comms and brand leaders, and the board at Climate Draft, an effort to mobilize talent and resources for the climate tech category.

Ashley’s first startup job was at Box, where she led communications for six years, from 50-person team through IPO, and desperately tried to make enterprise software sexy. She then joined venture capital firm Social Capital, where she led comms and marketing, helping founders tell their stories, and launching new capital products. She then entered the world of beauty, essentially the opposite of enterprise software, and was VP of Comms at Glossier for three years.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Ashley holds a BA from Georgetown in Government and English. She lives in Brooklyn.