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Praveen Sahay

WAVE Equity Partners

Praveen Sahay is co-founder and Managing Director of WAVE Equity Partners, a firm that is pioneering platform investments in the global cleantech industry. The Boston-based private equity firm helps build businesses that leverage breakthrough clean technologies to create radical economic impacts on global markets. Praveen is engaged in origination, valuation, and negotiation of investments and management of portfolio companies as well as overall management of the firm.

Previously, Praveen was a Director with VIMAC, an early stage venture firm, beginning in 1993. At VIMAC, his investments included American Aerogel, Databeacon, Nakina Systems, and Net Integration.

Before VIMAC, Praveen was an Associate at Updata Venture Partners, focusing on IT and communications investments. There he played active roles in deal origination, research, due diligence, investor relations, and portfolio management. Praveen worked as Vice President of Planning and Internal Systems at Icode, a high-growth enterprise software company. He also served as a Strategy Consultant to technology corporations and private equity investors during his tenure at Dean & Company.

Originally a nuclear physicist, Praveen has a multi-faceted career track. He explored for oil and gas deposits for one of the largest Asian oil production companies and managed retail operations for India's largest mutual fund company. He was a Deputy Commandant in the Armed Forces and later worked as a National Elections Coordinator (CIVPOL) at a United Nations operation in Mozambique, coordinating the roles, training, and deployment of over 1,200 international police officers and played a significant role in Mozambique's democratic transition in 1994.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Praveen holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a Master's in nuclear physics. Additionally, he has completed graduate-level studies in psychology, public administration, and information technology.

Praveen was awarded a UN Peace Medal for his services in Mozambique.

Praveen is a member of Kauffman Fellows Class 8 and served his fellowship under mentor Mark Robinson at VIMAC Ventures in Boston, MA.