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Rokas Peciulaitis

Contrarian Ventures

Rokas Peciulaitis is a Founding and Managing Partner at Contrarian Ventures an early-stage venture capital firm focusing on energy tech and e-mobility convergence theme investing across Europe and Israel. Before starting Contrarian Ventures, he was inflation and derivatives trader at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Before his trading career at BAML, he was part of the exclusive government program Kurk Lietuvai (eng. Create for Lithuania), where he was advising the Lithuanian government including the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, Startup Lithuania and Ministry of Energy on entrepreneurship, FDI attraction and key strategic projects.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Rokas is a founder of Energy Tech Summit and Energy Tech Network, where his goal is to build a more connected energy tech and e-mobility community. He is also Chairman of the Lithuanian Venture Capital Association, and is a board member of a non-profit organization Vilnius Marathon. Rokas graduated from the University of Glasgow with an M.A. in economics and spent a year in University California Santa Barbara. Rokas has completed additional coursework at Harvard Business School - Executive Program with a focus on venture capital and private equity.

As a member of Class 25, Rokas is serving his fellowship at Contrarian Ventures.