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Sola Adeola

L.A.T. Clevson

Sola is Head of Corporate Strategy at L.A.T. Clevson, a boutique investment firm with offices in Nigeria and London that invests in African startups. The firm's investment model aims to generate wealth that contributes to economic development. As such, its portfolio companies often sit at the convergence of several sectors; the firm invests proprietary capital or strategic co-investments, custom-tailored to the needs of each venture

Previously. Sola was the Executive Secretary of the Freedom Foundation, a Lagos, Nigeria-based nonprofit whose mission is to reach out, give hope, rehabilitate, educate, and empower impoverished persons in Nigeria through community-based programs and initiatives in order to achieve individual and community transformation.

Sola is also the founder of Designing Futures, a business incubator focused on startups in the education sector. DF is a platform for individuals who want to launch initiatives (for-profit and nonprofit) to solve education challenges and be financially sustainable.

Earlier, Sola was the Nigerian project coordinator for The Institute for Venture Design (IVD or The Institute), a partnership between Stanford's Centre for Design Research (CDR) and the FATE Foundation. The Institute aims to increase the level of innovation and technological development in Nigeria through the incubation and building up of a culture of entrepreneurs, innovators, and risk takers. Sola was the lead Nigerian counterpart managing the partnership with Stanford CDR and working to set up the organization and facilitate programs.

Sola's past work experience has been in the field of management consulting, working for Accenture and Dalberg Global Development Advisors.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Sola has a Bachelor of Science in foreign service (BSFS) from Georgetown University and a Master's in public administration from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs, where she focused on education policy.

A member of Class 15, Sola served her fellowship at The Institute for Venture Design under the mentorship of Muhtar Bakare.