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Kenneth Horne

Symic Biomedical

Ken has 12 years of experience in the life science industry as an executive, entrepreneur and investor. He joined the San Francisco-based biotechnology company Symic Biomedical as CEO in 2014.

Earlier, Ken was a Vice President and a founding member of TauTona Group, a healthcare venture capital firm started in 2010 and based in Menlo Park, California. TauTona Group combines an incubator and operational capabilities with its funding activites. Generally, the investment philosophy is to seed early-stage when needed, and fund and operate startups in-house until a critical inflection is reached, necessitating a spin-off or facilitating an exit or partnership.

In his roll, Ken is involved with all aspects of the firms activities, including investment sourcing, due diligence, incubation,and business development across all investments, and operational responsibility for one of the firm's portfolio companies he co-founded. Aline Aesthetics was founded in 2008 and is developing a novel biomaterial, which will be initially targeting the aesthetic market.

Ken is interested in all aspects of healthcare, including medical devices, pharma, and mobile health. He is particularly inclined towards working with entrepreneurs and physicians at an early stage. He currently serves on the Board of Curo Medical, a medical device startup in the Bay Area, founded by a group of doctors. TauTona Group is considering mobile health as an investment area, and Ken is currently advising numerous mobile health startups.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Ken holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in mechanical engineering from Stanford University. He participated in the Stanford BIodesign program, which he continues to be involved in. He is slated to be an advisor to Stanford Start-X Med, an affiliated incubator for Stanford students and alumni.

Ken serves as a Board member of the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito, California. He is fluent in Japanese, and holds 19 issued patents in the US.

Ken is a member of Class 17 and served his fellowdhip at TauTona Group under the mentorship of Mark Foley.

Ken was awarded the Jeff Timmons Memorial Award, recognizing his outstanding service to his class and the Kauffman Fellows Program.