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Kenneth Horne

Symic Biomedical

Mr. Horne has over 20 years of experience in the life science industry as an executive, entrepreneur and investor. He currently chairs RDiscovery and leads Remiges Ventures’s company-creation initiatives as CEO of Capacity Bio and Digestome Therapeutics. As an entrepreneur he co-founded or led Aline Aesthetics (acquired by Allergan), Symic Bio (acquired by Nordic Bio), and Teon Therapeutics. Previously, he was a founding member of TauTona Group, an early-stage life science venture capital fund back by Stanford Management Company and other top LPs. Earlier in his career he was involved in developing devices for cardiovascular medicine with eValve (acquired by Abbott), Cierra (acquired by Terumo) and others. He sits on the boards of Capacity Bio, AxoNeural, and is an advisor to Kicker Ventures. Mr. Horne has a BS and MS degree from Stanford University in mechanical engineering, holds over 30 patents, and is also a Kauffman Fellow.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Ken holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in mechanical engineering from Stanford University. He has been involved in Stanford's BioDesign program and StartX.

He lives in San Francisco with his wife and two children.

Ken is a member of Class 17 and served his fellowship at TauTona Group under the mentorship of Mark Foley.

Ken was awarded the Jeff Timmons Memorial Award, recognizing his outstanding service to his class and the Kauffman Fellows Program.