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Liz Fleming

Adara Ventures

Liz is an investor at Adara Ventures in Madrid, investing in Series A, deep-tech enterprise startups, with a particular focus on cybersecurity, big data, AI, and other digital enterprise areas.

Previously, Liz ran content at South Summit, one of Europe´s largest startup events, and continues to support the team as an adviser. She also designed and implemented the ?40m Spain Startup Co-investment Fund, with IE Business School and Enisa, building a network of 100+ coinvestors.

Liz also ran the Venture Lab at IE Business School in Madrid, the school?s flagship startup program, accelerating 150+ student teams in 3 years. During that time she organized 6 demo days with teams raising ?15m, generating ?5m+ in revenue, and creating +130 jobs. Liz also headed up the Venture Network, an international pitch slam event that started in Madrid and expanded to 15 cities in 5 countries, building a network of 1200 entrepreneurs.

Liz started out as an Investment Advisor with Enterprise Ireland, a public fund that invested ?40M per year into 70 high-potential startups; and Programme Manager for HBAN, Ireland´s national business angel network, establishing 7 syndicates with an investment capacity of ?20M.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Liz is an Honors graduate of University College Cork and the Dublin Institute of Technology and holds a Bachelor of Commerce with Spanish degree and a Master?s in international business. She is passionate about food, family, friends, travel, surfing, gaelic football, basketball, and recently took up mountain biking.

A member of Class 19, Liz served her fellowship at Vitamin K under the mentorship of Founder Iñaki Arrola. Liz?s challenge is to set up Vitamin K Fund II, raising ?30M to invest in Spain, Latin America, and Europe. Based in Madrid, Vitamin K invests in gaming, ecommerce, SaaS, and consumer web.