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Jonathan Hsu

Tribe Capital

Jonathan is one of the founding partners at Tribe Capital. Tribe Capital was founded in mid-2018 with a focus on generalist early-stage venture capital and an emphasis on leveraging data in all aspects of the investment process.

Prior to Tribe Capital, Jonathan spent four years at Social Capital where he was a Partner and SVP of Quantitative Investing and Data Science. In that role Jonathan pioneered the application of data to early-stage venture across multiple activities including evaluation, sourcing, and portfolio services. Prior to joining Social Capital, Jonathan spent five years at Facebook where he was one of the early data scientists and went on to help form and lead the data science and analytics organization for the company. Before joining Facebook, Jonathan led analytics at the social gaming company Slide which he joined via acquisition of a social utility application that he co-founded in the early days of social gaming. Prior to that, Jonathan had started his career in Product Management in web search at Microsoft.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Jonathan attended the University of California, Berkeley where he received a Bachelor of Science in engineering physics and mathematics. He went on to Stanford University where he earned a Doctor of Philosophy in physics while studying black holes and cosmological inflation in string theory.

Jonathan is a jazz guitarist and performs regularly at several venues in the San Francisco Bay Area in a variety of groups as both leader and sideman.

A a member of Class 22, Jonathan served his fellowship at Tribe Capital under the mentorship of Phil Deutch, Managing Partner of NGP ETP and Oasis Investment Partners, and former President and COO of Social Capital.