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Tomohiro Takei


Tomohiro is the founder of MAKOTO, an entrepreneur-supporting incorporated association based in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture in Japan. MAKOTO was established in July 2011 after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, and aims to raise a non-profit venture fund for the revitalization of the disaster area.

As a survivor of the severe earthquake himself, Tomohiro was driven by a sense of responsibility more than ever before to contribute to the revitalization of the affected area, Tohoku district, which is his home town. He worked on various projects such as establishing The Supporting Fund for the disaster area and organizing an ICT International Forum on reconstruction assistance as personal activities. With the principle that entrepreneurship empowerment is the key to accelerate revitalization, MAKOTO will be supporting entrepreneurs with high aspirations to expand their businesses and connect them to the global market.

Previously, Tomohiro invested in early-stage startups as the Investment Manager at Tohoku Innovation Capital Corporation, an independent venture capital firm centered in the Tohoku district. His earlier work experience as the Technology Transfer Coordinator at Tohoku University provides Tomohiro with a strong relationship with academia and local governments.

As an individual, Tomohiro also founded a number of organizations and frameworks for fostering entrepreneurs and building a lively community in Sendai.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Tomohiro earned his PhD from Tohoku University, specializing in biology. He received a Master's degree in Earth Science, researching the pareocean environment of the Japan Sea and publishing his findings in the most authoritative international magazine in the field.

Tomohiro served his fellowship at MAKOTO as a member of Class 16.