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Mo Almeshekah

Outliers VC

Mo is a entrepreneur, cybersecurity aficionado and n investor who is now venture capital investor. Currently, he is the Founder and Managing Partner of Outliers Venture Capital, a global venture capital firm. He is also an investor in a number of startups including Notion, Noon, SandboxVR, Breadfast, and Misfit Markets. Prior to founding Outliers, Mohammed founded and exited Trusted Security; a cybersecurity startup in the financial sector that grew to millions of dollars in revenue and was quickly acquired. He also worked as an engineer in Google and Mozilla and as an advisor a number of public and private organization.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Mo studied and worked in three continents. He has a PhD in Computer Science from Purdue University in the US; an MSc in Information Security from University of London in the UK; and a BSc degree in Computer Science from King Saud University in KSA. His work in the intersection of Cybersecurity, Machine Learning & Cognitive Psychology earned international's recognition; including winning the prestigious "Outstanding Scientific Award" at the 31st Annual Computer Security Application Conference ACSAC'15.

As a member of Class 25, Mohammed is serving his fellowship at Outliers VC.