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Jack Crawford

Impact Venture Capital

Jack is a Sacramento, California native whose 20-year career in local company building has evolved from CPA to entrepreneur to venture capitalist. As a CPA with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Jack saw a wide range of businesses and was inspired to start his own ' including one of the first ISPs in Sacramento, and three more software companies through the 1990s. In 2000 he was chosen as Entrepreneur of the Year by the Money Hunt television show, broadcast in 160 US markets.

Since 2000, Jack has focused his energy on venture capital as the critical component of company building for seed and early-stage technology companies. Jack launched Velocity Venture Capital in 2005 to provide capital for entrepreneurs focused on information technology products that will positively impact the world. Jack is combined his front-line entrepreneurial operating experience with venture capital investments to help drive the success of some of the most promising companies in Northern California. Jack worked closely with company founders to fine-tune strategies, build management teams, recruit key members of the Board of Directors and Advisory Boards, grow revenues, raise capital, and facilitate a positive exit. Operating primarily inside California's technology triangle (bounded by San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento), Velocity Venture Capital has a long history of investing in early stage companies including the first round investment in Soft Machines, recently acquired by Intel for $270 million. Since 2009, Velocity has been running innovation programs for startups, graduate students, and corporate venture groups from across the U.S.

Following years of co-investment and corporate portfolio management in collaboration with Dixon Doll (Mentor Class 15) and Eric Ball (Class 16), Jack joined forces with the two Silicon Valley investors to launch Impact Venture Capital in 2016.

Jack is also the co-founder and Chairman of Social Venture Partners, a foundation that has mobilized the next generation of philanthropists in Sacramento to give time and money to nonprofits focused on education. SVP has donated more than $1M and thousands of hours in support of improving education.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Jack completed Harvard Business School's "Private Equity & Venture Capital" executive program and is a graduate of the Venture Capital Institute. He earned a BS in accounting from Arizona State University and is a CPA.

Jack lives in the Sacramento area with his wife and three children and enjoys golf, swimming, cycling, and running. To establish a culture of fitness in his family and his community, Jack trained and completed 2 full distance Ironman triathlon events, a 50-mile ultra-marathon, and a 200-mile bike race.

Jack served his fellowship at Velocity Venture Capital as a member of Class 16. He serves as mentor to Michael Beaudoin (Class 23).