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Seth Corder

High Alpha

Seth Corder is a Principal at High Alpha, a venture studio in Indianapolis that launches and invests in next-generation B2B SaaS companies. Seth leads the venture team and focuses on early-stage investments throughout the US and Canada. He has helped lead the firm's investments and ongoing work in several companies, including Superside, Craft, Rheaply, Smartwyre, Chain.io, and Woven.

Prior to joining High Alpha in 2019, Seth spent nearly a decade advising and investing in technology companies. He began his investing career at Goldman Sachs, focusing on private equity and venture capital. Seth also spent time in investment banking at Pacific Crest Securities, where he focused on DevOps and companies in Europe and Israel.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Seth graduated from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University, where he studied finance and accounting. After working in New York and San Francisco, he now lives in Indianapolis and can often be found hanging out with family or playing outside with his dog.