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Catherine Townshend


Catherine is the Managing Director of Endeavor South Africa, a nonprofit that identifies and assists high-growth entrepreneurs in emerging markets around the world. Endeavor provides support for entrepreneurs who are transforming their communities, their industries, and their countries with their visionary ideas. In this role, she engages with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and key industry stakeholders to ensure that Endeavor attracts high-impact entrepreneurs and they in-turn receive the best support to create thousands of jobs, propel economies, and become leaders and role models.

Catherine firmly believes the best way to grow economies and create jobs is to support and develop high-growth businesses. However, having worked with many high-impact entrepreneurs over the past decade, she is acutely aware of the challenges they face during the growth lifecycle of their businesses. Her role with Endeavor allows her to work with some of the country's most innovative entrepreneurs in assisting them to realize their global growth aspirations, while adding significantly to developing a sustainable emerging middle class in South Africa. Most importantly, Catherine is driven by a determination to create best practice services for optimal entrepreneurial growth.

Catherine is passionate about entrepreneurship in South Africa and has a particular interest in high-growth companies that have the ability to transform the economy. Catherine is committed to furthering her understanding of the driving forces required to consistently propel entrepreneurial ventures to be market leaders. Catherine's career has largely been focused on corporate finance and management consulting initiatives, and this combination of skills has proved very useful while working with entrepreneurs and policy makers in South Africa.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Catherine is a graduate of Rhodes University; where she was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree and went on to complete her postgraduate studies in enterprise management. She completed the Endeavor/Stanford Leadership Development Program in Palo Alto in 2012 and is committed to furthering her knowledge in venture-related learning to continue to provide the best support to Endeavor Entrepreneurs in South Africa.

Catherine is a dedicated sportsperson having achieved accolades for multiple sporting disciplines, including national federation colours for mountainbiking, where she competed on the international stage in 2008 and 2010 for South Africa.

As a member of Class 18, Catherine performed her fellowship at Endeavor under the mentorship of Fernando Fabre (Class 14), President of Endeavor Global.