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Jana Nieto Karam


Jana has worked for 3M since 2012. She started her tenure working in the Government Affairs area, and has since expanded to Government Affairs and Social Responsibility. She is based in Mexico City.

Previously, Jana worked for the Ministry of the Economy (Federal Government of Mexico) as the Technology and Quality Coordinator. In this role Jana supported Mexican small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in becoming more competitive. Mexico has over 4 million SMEs, accounting for 55% of the country's GDP and 70% of its total employment.

From 2007 to 2012 Jana served as Administrator of a government trust fund (Ministry of the Economy and CONACYT), called the Innovation Fund, which supports Small and Medium Enterprises in their innovative products and services. She also headed the National Entrepreneurship Program of the Deputy Ministry of SMEs that includes over 500 Business Incubators, which foster the creation of SMEs.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Jana holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in economics from the University of Ottawa, Canada. Jana's thesis on 'Macroeconomic Market Disequilibrium, Asymmetric and Non-lineal Adjustments Inflation Rates of Canada and Mexico' was presented at the Canadian Economic Association (CEA).

Jana has lived in Mexico, Canada, Belgium, The Netherlands and Poland. She has actively participated in negotiations to establish 5 Mexican international business accelerators: TechBAs (3 in USA, 1 in Canada, 1 in Spain). She is fluent in Spanish, English and French.

Jana is a graduated member of Class 15 and served her fellowship at the Ministry of the Economy, Deputy Ministry for SMEs, Innovation Fund (Fondo de Innovación Tecnologica SE-CONACYT).