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Allan Boruchowicz

Carao Ventures

Allan is Founder & Managing Partner at Carao Ventures. He founded the firm in 2012 aiming to offer top entrepreneurs from the small and medium markets in Latin America the same resources and opportunities to which entrepreneurs in more developed markets have access. He invests in startups that are challenging the laggard status quo of most markets and industries in Latin America.

Over the last 10 years, Allan has led investments for the firm in over 2 dozen early-stage startups from 10 different countries in the region and operating in a variety of sectors including biotech, healthtech, fintech, enterprise SaaS, insurtech, construction tech, AI, medtech, and virtual restaurants, among other.

Allan currently serves of the board of directors of many Carao Ventures' portfolio companies as well as other relevant companies and organizations in Central America. He is also a founding member of the Central American Fintech Association and the Costa Rican Biotechnology and Medical Device Cluster.

Before founding Carao Ventures, Allan worked at Mesoamerica Investments, a strategy consulting and private equity firm in Latin America, and at UBS Wealth Management US.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Allan holds a B.Sc. degree in Business Management with concentration in Finance and Economics from Babson College. He lives in San José, Costa Rica with his family after living in Bogota, Boston and Barcelona for work and studies over the last 20 years. Allan loves soccer, basketball and golf, and is an unconditional fan of Juventus and the Miami Heat.