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Esteban Reyes

Zenda Capital

Esteban is a three-time founder turned VC.

His investment sweet spot is in early-stage, B2B software startups.

Before founding LOVC, Esteban seeded seven pre-product companies from which five were learning experiences, one returned his money, and one did very well, growing to +$60M annual revenues. He also made over 20 early-stage investments in a variety of industries, which led to him launching Las Olas VC.

Esteban's entrepreneurial career began in 2001 when he founded Verification Bureau (VB), making it possible for banks to automatically detect fraud before issuing a loan. Over 400 mortgage lenders, including 6 of the top 10, implemented VB's solutions into their credit underwriting process. In 2009 he sold the company to Lender Processing Services (NYSE: LPS) in an all-cash transaction, where he served as Managing Director of Fraud Solutions Division until early 2012.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Esteban attended Florida Atlantic University pursuing a BA in business administration. He dropped out after founding Verification Bureau and taking a full-time role as CEO. Later he completed a certificate course in entrepreneurship at Boston University and an executive education course in private equity and venture capital at Harvard Business School.

Esteban is on the board of Cypress.io, SmartHop, and Rotabull. He is a mentor at Endeavor.org, Techstars NYC, and is a member of the Group of 50. He lives in Florida with his wife and three boys, and spends his free time reading, writing, playing soccer, and experimenting new things.

A member of Class 23, Esteban is serving his fellowship at Florida-based Las Olas VC under the mentorship of Brad Feld (Mentor Class 20, KF BOD), Managing Director at Foundry Group.