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Mar Perez

InCube Ventures

Mar Perez is a principal for InCube Ventures and VentureHealth, investment funds focused in disruptive healthcare innovation and based in San Jose, California. In her role, Mar wears many hats, from screening deals and managing due diligence to speaking in public forums and building relationships with Limited Partners. Mar also manages the Fund's online presence and contributes to organizational strategy.

Mar is passionate about breakthroughs that can change medicine. She has spent her career in life science, most recently in governmental relations and sales with Johnson & Johnson. When Mar heard about VentureHealth, she fell in love with the opportunity to help investors and entrepreneurs dramatically improve the lives of patients. Intellectually curious, she loves building a business from the ground up with a proven and successful team.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Mar earned her International MBA from ADM Business School, UC Riverside, and holds an additional degree in business management from Universidad San Pablo CEU and Leeds Metropolitan University.
Mar relocated to California in 2012 after living in Spain, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and Silicon Valley already feels like home.

As a member of Class 19, Mar served her fellowship at VentureHealth under the mentorship of Andrew Farquharson (Class 9), cofounder of VentureHealth and Incube Ventures.