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Krating Poonpol

500 Startups

Krating Poonpol is the Venture Partner of 500Startups, the most active seed-stage VC and top startup accelerator in the world, based in Silicon Valley. Krating founded and is running a $10M Thailand-specific fund for 500Startups, called 500TukTuks, as a General Partner.

Krating has a particular interest in companies focused on mobile, Internet, e-commerce, payment, marketplace, FinTech, and EdTech.

As an individual, Krating founded Disrupt in 2012, a leading startup education program in Thailand. Disrupt has graduated almost 300 students, who collectively raised $7M and have over $30M combined. Disrupt alumni include Taamkru, Asia's Most Promising Startup of 2014 (with investors 500Startups, RedDot, and IMJ); ThinkOflIving (exit to iProperty); StockRadar (with investors CyberAgent Venture and East Venture); Priceza (with investor CyberAgent Venture).

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Krating is a graduate of Stanford Business School, where he was Co-President of the Marketing Club and elected to the International Committee. He holds a bachelor's degree, with Honors, in electrical engineering from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. Krating serves as a Advisory Board member of the Thailand Technology Startup Association.

Krating is a member of Class 20. He served his fellowship at 500 Startups under the mentorship of Managing Partner Bedy Yang (Class 17).