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Jake Ellowitz

Tribe Capital

Jake is a Partner at Tribe Capital -- a generalist early-stage VC that leverages data in ways that are grounded by deep industry, investment and operating expertise. He focuses on how to augment and multiply knowledge and decision making with data and analytics, and how this can be applied to identifying and guiding outlier outcomes for entrepreneurs and LPs. In doing so, Jake covers the spectrum from investor to researcher to engineer to data architect.

Prior to joining Tribe Capital, Jake was a Data Scientist at Social Capital where he applied data and analytics to investment decisions. Before Social Capital, Jake was an Investment Engineer at Bridgewater Associates. In that role, Jake focused on systemizing Bridgewater's deep macroeconomic understanding into investment machines that expressed those views.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Jake holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Chicago, where he studied theoretical and computational fluid dynamics, often with the aid of large-scale computer simulations. He received his BA from Clark University in Physics and Mathematics.

As a member of Class 25, Jake is serving his fellowship at Tribe Capital under the mentorship of Avichal Garg.