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Antonio Cianci

Advanced Materials

Antonio is co-founder and CEO of Advanced Materials GmbH/Srl, an innovative company that is a leader in air purifying technologies. The firm has recently started marketing its patented product, Airlite, a revolutionary air purifying paint that uses titanium dioxide nanotechnology to convert air pollutants into inert compounds. Through the use of light energy, the paint reduces pollutants, eliminates odors, prevents mold, and destroys harmful pathogens. Thanks to its high-reflecting power, it can also reduce cooling costs by 15% to 50%.

Antonio was previously Advisor to the Minister for Innovation in the Italian government, working in the National Agency for the Promotion of Technologies for Innovation. In this role, he has developed the 'Italy for Innovators' project, promoting innovative Italian companies both in international markets (China, Russia, Brasil, India, Mexico, Argentina, S. Korea and, of course, USA) and to international investors.

As an investor, Antonio has a particular interest in companies focused on environment, energy savings, healthcare, but also looks at every innovative field. Prior to joining the government, Antonio was co-founder and CEO of an energy savings consultancy, specializing in Kyoto Protocol projects and operating in Italy and China.

As an individual, Antonio is a writer, specializing in scientific and economic divulgation. His two books on 'innovations that changed our lives,' have been a great success in Italy, and are now to be translated in several countries. His book on Chinese characters had been the top selling in Italy on this topic.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Antonio is an engineering PhD of Politecnico di Milano, where he worked for five years as contract professor in mathematics.

Antonio serves as scientific advisor for Innovare, the official magazine of the national association of small enterprises, and is member of GEI ' Enterprise Economist Group.

Antonio served his fellowship at the Agency for the Promotion of Technologies for Innovation as a member of Class 16.