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Mete Cakmakci


Mete is the Secretary General of the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV), a public-private partnership based in Ankara, Turkey. In his role, he manages various technology and innovation programs currently being operated by TTGV with public funding.

Mete's current professional goal is to lead the transformation of TTGV, a unique structure in Turkey, into a best practice in the smart management of public money. He spends most of his time developing a new communication strategy and a new business model for the organization to mobilize stakeholder buy-in.

As an individual, Mete is involved in various initiatives to promote venture capital and entrepreneurship in Turkey and serves on public committees and working groups to strengthen public policy on innovation-driven industrial policy.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Mete is a graduate of Middle East Technical University's Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department. He also holds MS and PhD degrees in engineering from Syracuse University, with a minor in manufacturing engineering.

He occasionally teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on innovation at various universities.

Mete is a member of Class 16 and served his fellowship at the TTGV under the mentorship of Cengiz Ultav of VESTEL.