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Patrick Sagisi

Acario Innovation

Patrick leads the venture investing team at Acario Innovation, the US-based corporate venture and open innovation arm of Tokyo Gas. Acario funds early-stage, post-product companies in the new energy economy and sustainability sectors, with a thematic focus on Mobility and Transport Electrification, Grid2.0, Decarbonization, Industry 4.0, and next-generation customer and grid services. Current investments include: Electriphi, Heila, & Geli.

Prior to Acario, Patrick was a Principal at DBL Partners, the leading Impact Investing VC firm. At DBL, Patrick served as a board observer at DBL portfolio companies Mapbox, Kateeva, UrbanSitter, ZincFive, Siva Power, Yerdle, and Brightsource Energy, and was formerly a board observer at OPX Biotechnologies. Patrick also worked closely with Brainscope, View, Planet, Apeel, The Muse and The RealReal. Patrick has many years of global experience in product management, new product development, marketing, strategy, operations, and sales.

Prior to DBL, Patrick was at Samsung Electronics in Seoul, South Korea. As a Director in Samsung's Corporate Audit Team, and earlier as a member of the Samsung Global Strategy Group, he championed growth opportunities in advanced displays, mobile, and energy sectors. Prior to Samsung, Patrick held roles in corporate strategy, business development, marketing, and product management at Ventana Medical Systems. Prior to Ventana, Patrick led the development of an early web-based digital photo-sharing ecosystem as a product manager at Adobe Systems. Prior to Adobe, Patrick helped spin out Xerox Mobile Solutions, a mobile enterprise data startup, from Xerox PARC. Patrick began his career as a product engineer at Dallas Semiconductor.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Patrick earned MBA and MS-Engineering degrees from Stan­ford Uni­ver­sity, and has a BS dual-degree in elec­tri­cal engineering/'computer sci­ence and mate­ri­als sci­ence from UC Berke­ley.

Patrick is a three-time Olympian in swim­ming, and was Guam's open­ing ceremonies flag-bearer in the 1996 Atlanta Sum­mer Games.

Patrick is a member of Class 17 and served his fellowship at DBL Investors under the mentorship of Cynthia Ringo, Managing Partner.