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Gianluca Dettori


Gianluca is founder and partner of Primomiglio, a seed- and early-stage venture firm managing two funds: a seed to early stage Internet fund and a space technology early stage fund. Gianluca has 20 years of experience in Internet startups. He began his career as marketing and sales director in 1994 at Italia Online, a leading Italian ISP by Olivetti Group. He then served as managing director of Lycos Bertelsmann in Italy, where he started up all operations for the initial two years. In 1998 Gianluca co-founded Vitaminic, a leading digital music company in Europe. He also raised $50 million in two VC rounds and the IPO at the Nuovo Mercato in Italy, serving as CEO until 2003 and as an executive director in charge of M&A for the following 2 years. A serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Gianluca founded, managed and funded over 40 startups in the digital media and Internet space. He co-founded and chaired the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) in Italy.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Gianluca holds a degree in business from the University of Torino.

A member of Class 14, Gianluca performed his fellowship at dPixel. He was mentor to Class 15 member Alessandro Santo.