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Maya Horgan Famodu

Ingressive Capital

Maya Horgan Famodu is Founder & Managing Director at Ingressive Capital, a $10 Million VC Fund I and $50 Million Fund II targeting early stage startups across Sub-Saharan Africa’s key tech markets. Ingressive Capital Fund I has seeded some of Africa’s fastest-growing businesses, including Paystack (sold for $200M+ to Stripe), 54gene (Series A led by Adjuvant, an IFC fund), and Tizeti (Series A led by 4DX). 33% of portfolio companies are female founded and 31% of companies are Y Combinator alumni.

Maya and her team are building a pipeline that runs from the time a student thinks “I want to be in tech” all the way to the time they IPO. As such, she co-founded Ingressive for Good, a nonprofit focused on cultivating technical talent and resources for the African startup ecosystem. Maya also founded Ingressive Advisory, a market entry and market operations firm that has assisted more than 50 international companies in entering and operating across Africa, with a collective 40+ deals on the continent. Many of these clients became investors in her fund, which has led to 80% of Ingressive Capital’s limited partners running their own later stage fund, and providing companies with access to international capital.

Maya worked previously in private equity research and at JPMorgan.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

She is a two-time Forbes 30 under 30 nominee (Africa and VC), was named the United Nations' Most Influential Person of African Descent. Maya completed the Cornell Pre-Law Program and attended Pomona College.

Maya, mentored by Jack Dorsey, Marie Ekeland, and Jeff Richards, is a member of Class 26 serving at Ingressive Capital, LP.