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Casandra Espinoza


Casandra is a cofounder of Homeroom, a marketplace that connects parents directly to early education teachers that are looking for professional, supplemental income. Homeroom's mission is to create learning opportunities for children outside of the classroom by connecting them to teachers that design and lead small group sessions.

Prior to Homeroom, she was at Delphix, an enterprise software company that offers database virtualization, delivering agility to enterprise application and modernization projects. At Delphix, she was tasked with leading marketing efforts that primarily focused on healthcare companies.

Casandra spent two years with Greylock Partners after completing her undergraduate degree at Stanford. At Greylock, Casandra worked with the operations team to focus on new ways to view and analyze the venture sector. She was also involved with due diligence, marketing, network development, and deal flow efforts.

Casandra believes that knowledge is the most powerful force. She is committed to ensuring that children have access to an education that enables them to discover their own unique abilities and talents. Throughout college and post-college, she volunteered with QuestBridge, a nonprofit that helps place and increase the number of talented low-income students in top universities such as Stanford, Yale, and Princeton. She is also an advisor to The Young Vets, a nonprofit dedicated to preparing the next generation of student-athletes to achieve long-term success through sport.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Casandra graduated Stanford University with a BA in public policy. She served on the board of Stanford Finance, a student group that actively prepares students for internships and jobs on Wall Street. Throughout her time on-campus, she was actively involved with Stanford Student Enterprises (SSE), a student-run company with $14 million in assets and was COO during her senior year.

A member of Class 16, Casandra served her fellowship at Greylock Partners under the mentorship of Partner Reid Hoffman and was the recipient of a peer-selected award for class leadership at graduation.