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Patrick Klas

Maschmeyer Group Ventures

As an investor at Maschmeyer Group Ventures (MGV), Patrick Klas is responsible for identifying and investing in the next generation of pre-seed and seed level startups - typically with a check size of $250,000.

Patrick is particularly focused on the Insurtech space, leveraging his experience as Director of Business Operations for Insurtech startup, Bunker, where he helped grow the company from 7 to 30+ employees and raise more than $3M in funding. Before MGV, Patrick served as an investor at American Family Ventures and operated the Connected Home Accelerator for Microsoft Ventures.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

A graduate from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Applied Economics, Patrick now lives in Oakland, CA with his wife Caroline. When he’s not sourcing venture deals and running his popular Insurtech Hour on Clubhouse, Patrick is either fishing, surfing, hiking or learning a new card game.

As a member of Class 26, Patrick is serving his fellowship at Maschmeyer Group Ventures.