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Tetsujiro Nakagaki

DraperNexus Ventures

Tetsujiro Nakagaki is a co-founder and Managing Director for DFJ JAIC Venture Partners, Japan-US crossborder venture capital firm. Tetsu is a skilled and successful venture capitalist/leader with experience and networks within startup and public companies in Japan. He joined Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd. (JAIC) in 1996 to help strengthen the investment activities in Japan. Through 16 years of experience as a venture capitalist, he has led the creation and investment activities of several funds at JAIC, including the best performance fund in Japan and JAIC's flagship venture capital funds. Tetsu has invested in 36 companies and had 10 IPO and 2 M&As. His investment sector consists mainly of consumeriInternet, retail and e-commerce sectors in Japan. Currently, Tetsu manages DFJ JAIC Venture Partners, a DFJ Network fund to invest Japan/US startups from Japan.

Tetsu has a particular interest in companies focused on consumer internet and enterprise service areas. He is a board observer at Shift, a company that enables cost-effective and automated software testing solutions and services through pre-selected, crowd-sourced pool of testers. He is a board observer at Kauli, a supply side platform (SSP) that enables publishers to reduce complexity of online advertising operations and display yield management, and maximizes their revenue with a real-time bidding (RTB) platform. With a deep interest in US entrepreneurship, Tetsu co-founded DFJ JAIC Venture Partners to promote entrepreneurship in Japan with a global perspective.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Tetsu graduated with Bachelors degree in law from Waseda University in Japan.

Tetsu served his fellowship at the DFJ JAIC Venture Partners under the mentorship of Managing Partner Mitch Kitamura and Managing Partner Quaeed Motiwala. He is a member of Class 17.