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Jonathon Triest

Ludlow Ventures

Jonathon Triest is the founder and Managing Partner of Ludlow Ventures, where he has invested in over 60 companies. He is also Co-Founder and Partner of the Sandwich Fund.

Prior to launching Ludlow, Jonathon worked as Creative Director for New York's Discovery Productions. He founded and operated Triest Group, a design firm with a deep UI/UX focus.

In addition to his role at Ludlow, Jonathon is a mentor at numerous technology accelerators, including Silicon Valley's Up West Labs, Cincinnati's The Brandery, and San Francisco's Highway 1.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Jonathon is a graduate of University of Michigan. He later studied Talmudic Law at Machon Shlomo in Jerusalem, Israel.

As a member of Class 20, Jonathon served his fellowship at Ludlow Ventures under the mentorship of Brad Feld, Partner at Foundry Group and a Kauffman Fellows board member.