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Ben VanGelder

Georgetown University Investment Office

Based in Washington, D.C., Ben is with Georgetown's Investment Office, which invests and manages the University's $1.7B Endowment. He works on the Endowment's alternative investment classes primarily, with a particular focus on venture capital, growth equity, and real estate.

Prior to Georgetown, Ben started his career at the Yale Investments Office, where he served for five years. At Yale, he was responsible for due diligence and review of funds for the Endowment's real estate portfolio.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Ben graduated from Yale University in 2013, where he majored in Classics and Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry.

Although he's lost the accent, Ben is a southerner at heart and a native of Gainesville, Florida. His hobbies include reading, ancient Latin, hiking, and Netflix.

As a member of Class 25, Ben is serving his fellowship at Georgetown University Investment Office under the mentorship of Aram Verdiyan.