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Victor Gutwein


Victor founded M25 in 2015 to help fill a gap in the venture capital market: early-stage tech startups in the Midwest. Using an analytics-based model, he quickly invested in over 20 tech startups and turned his $1M angel fund into an $11M fund 2 with over 40 LPs participating in 2016. Now on his third fund, with 100+ portfolio companies, M25 is the most active investor in the Midwest region and hub for access to top Midwest startups and a great partner for entrepreneurs and VCs across the region. Victor has a passionate history with startups that includes a vending machine business and kick scooter company, along with being on the board of the University of Chicago's first student-run venture fund. He also led the consumer team as the youngest member of Hyde Park Angels, the most active angel group in the Midwest.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Victor grew up in northwestern Indiana in a family of multigenerational farmers. He attended the University of Chicago and earned a bachelors degree in economics. Victor lives with his wife and two children on Chicago's South Side. He is very active in sports including ultramarathons, triathlons, biking, and tennis and loves backpacking, traveling, and playing euro-style board games.

As a member of Class 22, Victor served his fellowship at M25 under the mentorship of the 50 South Capital's Trey Hart (Class 20).